Slicing and Dicing

There world is trying hard to make me eat a big piece of chocolate cake.  As an emotional eater, things are getting harder for me lately.  I recently had a mole removed that was a type of skin cancer.  I just recently when to have the stitches removed from that little procedure, when they found another mole.  That was sliced and sent off for testing.  I just received the call that once again it is cancerous.  Now I need to see another doctor to have this one removed.


In the meantime, I had a large lump on the top of my foot and went to the doctor to find out what was going on there.  She tells me it is a cyst and she can help break it up with a shot of cortisone.  What she neglected to tell me that once the needle was in the foot, she would move it all around trying to “break the cyst up”  I wish to mention that it hurt. A lot.


At this point the old me would be eating. Chocolate. A lot of chocolate.  I haven’t done that yet.  I hope I can find other things to do with myself rather than turn to food this weekend.  We have family arriving in a few days so hopefully that will keep my busy and I will not head straight for a devil dog.  Wish me luck.  Lets just hope that I don’t get anymore calls from doctors. 


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