The End – And A New Beginning

We finally are on the last chapter of the infamous dog-bite incident.  The insurance company reached a settlement agreement with our neighbors.  It is over. They signed a release and can not sue us in the future for any of this.


Unfortunately, I don’t think this will bring them any peace.  I don’t know this for sure, but I have a feeling that they have not forgiven yet.  I pray that they will find forgiveness soon.  Anger and resentment will eat you up inside.  It doesn’t hurt anyone but yourself and is never a good thing.


Thank you to everyone who prayed for us. We are glad that this is behind us now.


This is a great way to begin the Lenten season  I will continue my prayers for our neighbors and find ways this season to strengthen my faith.  I am not one for giving things up at lent, I like to do something instead.  One year I wanted to do something every week to help another person.  One year I made sure I did something that was hard for me to do (like forgive someone that had hurt me) each week during Lent. 


I will let you know what God leads me to do this year.


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