Responsibility is Hard

Having the responsibility to keep a blog going is harder than I thought.  Life comes at your fast and before you know it, you haven’t put anything in your bog for months! 


However, that is no excuse.  I promised myself and my readers I would keep you informed of my “year of the Shars part II – rise of the polish woman” and I have failed to do that.


I have been having a very difficult time lately.  Ever since I caught the “cold of the century” (yes, I am dramatic) I haven’t been eating the healthiest foods.  I could use the cold as an excuse, but that isn’t going to cut the mustard.  I don’t know why I have such a hard time taking care of myself.  I seem to feel I deserve to eat what I want when I want.  I am working on changing my words to say “I choose to eat healthy” instead of “I have to eat healthy.”  I want to make healthy choices.  I have been doing much better in the last week.  There have been more lean meats and veggies and a lot less or no chocolate and sugar. 


My workouts are finally getting back to where they were before my cold and this horrible allergy season.  I have the stamina to workout for at least 45 minutes at a time and I can once again (although I hate to admit it) somewhat enjoy working out to Jillian Michael’s “The 30 Day Shred.”


I still have so far to go but I will make it one day at a time.


Thanks for sticking with me on this journey.


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