Monkey Business

I don’t like monkeys.  Some of you may know this.  If you didn’t, now you do. I really don’t like monkeys.  So for me a trip to the zoo is absolutely complete if I DON’T visit the monkeys.  However, during my trip to the Pittsburgh Zoo with my friend Ann, she wanted to visit the monkeys.  No problem. “I will wait at the end of the exhibit and you go have a good time” I  told her.


I held her drink and stood at the end of the exhibit on this cute little bridge.  I didn’t really realize that this bridge was right next to the gorillas until I looked up. (I had been staring at a butterfly).  When I looked in front of me, I was staring at the back of a few very large gorillas.  They were facing the people in the front of the exhibit. I stayed where I was figuring I would be able to spot Ann as she came around in front and I could get her picture as she stared at these ape/monkey things.


As I stood there waiting for Ann, a large gorilla started to run to where I stood.  Great. He must know I don’t like him.  He came right in front of where I stood, he picked up a large stick, and climbed onto a rock.  He struck quite a nice pose, so I took his picture.  I may have told him that I really didn’t like monkeys and that included him.  I think he heard me because at that moment, he hurled the stick directly at my face.  I was able to dodge to the right and it missed me, landing in the bushes directly in front of where I had just stood.  Then he ran away and I am pretty sure I heard him laughing and another gorilla give him knuckles.  Perhaps I imagined that part.   I am now more convinced then ever that I don’t like monkeys.  However, I feel better knowing that the feeling is quite mutual.


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