There It Is!

My husband loves watching "The Simpsons" (I know, I know, but what can I do?).  I can’t believe I am about to quote Homer Simpson, but I am.  There is an episode where Homer falls down something (a well, a cliff, a mountain, does it really matter to the store? no).  When he gets to the bottom, he says in a very surprised tone "Where’s the pain????"  There is a 20 second pause, then Homer cries out in agony "THERE IT IS!"  Why do I mention this little useless tidbit of information?  My husband had rotator cuff surgery last week.  It was what I refer to as "drive through" surgery and he was home in less than 6 hours from day surgery.
He was still quite groggy and numb when he came home and wound up sleeping for most of the first day and into the night.  By the next morning, my husband was wondering "Where’s the pain?" as his arm was feeling pretty good.  Then while I was in the bedroom putting away laundry I heard it…."THERE IT IS!"  I knew immediately what he was referring to…the pain was there. It came fast and furious once the anesthesia wore off.  About the same time that the pain started so did the hiccups.  Those lasted for 3 days.  Our doctor tried a lot of different medications including Valium to stop the hiccups.  The one good thing about the medications to stop the hiccups was that they put him to sleep. He slept for a very long time.  The hiccups have now left him and the arm is starting to hurt less and less.  This week the painful physical therapy will begin.  I hear it is pretty intense.  I’m sure I will hear the phrase "There it is!" a lot in the coming months.

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