Still Going

We went to the ER yesterday when the hiccups got so bad it felt like he couldn’t breathe.  However, when we arrived at the ER, the hiccups stopped.  The doctor would not give him any medication for the hiccups since he wasn’t actively hiccupping.  They did find out he has pneumonia though. Probably due to the hiccups since they don’t allow enough air into his lungs.  We left the ER with a prescription for antibiotics. As soon as hubby got into the car guess what happened?  You got it! The hiccups began in full force!  We went right back into the ER. However, by the time someone came to get us, they had stopped.  We were so frustrated.  They did give him a little sedative to calm the muscles and hopefully stop the hiccups.  We left the ER again. On the ride home guess what happened? I don’t think you really have to guess too hard.   These hiccups lasted for 3 hours!  He was so tired by the time they finished that he fell asleep. 


The doctors say there is nothing more they can do for him and his hiccups.   They assure us they will end at some point. They say it is extremely rare for someone to have the hiccups this long and they will end soon.


I am looking for an alternative medicine approach now. Perhaps an acupuncturist. Anyone have any experience with one? 




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