Aiding and Abetting

A friend of mine was working on teaching her daughter proper manners.  For example, to wait when the elevator doors open before stepping in, to be sure there isn’t someone already in the elevator that needs to exit (I know a LOT of adults that could use this training again).   She would also remind her daughter to hold open doors for others. 


One day as they were going shopping at Kohl’s, her daughter arrived at the doors of the store just as my friend noticed a couple about to exit the store with their arms laidened with packages.  My friend quickly reminded her daughter to "hold open the door for those people."  And my friend held open another door as the couple had many boxes of items including toaster oven, coffee maker, vacuum, etc.   The couple just about ran out the doors without as much as a "thank you" to my friend and her daughter.  My friend used this as a teaching experience as well reminding her daughter to always thank someone that holds the door.  They continued to hold the door as a few more people were now exiting the store…also rather quickly.  These people were the store employees and they started running after the couple who had just left.  As they were running past they were also yelling something about "stop them, they just robbed us…"??? Oops.  Who would have thought that would have happened?  Another life lesson about "aiding and abetting" could be taught here. 





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