That Was Nasty

I didn’t think I was a slob messy person until recently.  I was working hard yesterday on a major computer problem, when my foot hit something under my desk.  I didn’t think much of it as I have a pair of shoes under there that I sometimes knock around.  But when I hit it again a few minutes later, I heard a sloshing noise.  I figured I better check and see what this mystery object was.  I crawled under the desk and found a half-full bottle of water.  At least it appeared to be water while I was under the dark desk.  However, when I moved into the light I noticed this water bottle had weird round magic marker dots all over.  I wondered why. 


As I brought the bottle up to the top of my desk and I sat down, I was able to see that the dots were not made by a magic marker.  These were made by time and dark places.  It was mold! Ewewewewewewewew!  How the heck long was this bottle under my desk? (I know you can’t answer this, but you would think I could). What was in this bottle that caused mold?  I felt slightly faint.  However, I apparently didn’t feel too bad as I snapped this photo of the offending bottle.  (see below).  I am thinking of keeping it a little longer to see how bad it may become.  I guess that isn’t the best idea.  I have just thrown it away, but not before showing it to a few people at work.  As I guessed, they didn’t enjoy looking…and I think I may be labeled a slob messy person now.



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