It Shouldn’t Be This Difficult to Cook Dinner

I must start by telling you that we love to grill out. Although a more accurate statement is that “I” love to cook out.  When we have a cook out, I don’t have to make dinner. All I have to do is by the food, prepare the food, clean the grill, make the side dishes, set the table, and clean up.  HEY! I think I just figured out why Barry likes to cook out.. darn.


Anyway, we like to cook out.  We used to buy new grills every couple of years because the ones we bought never lasted very long.  That changed about 6 years ago.  We decided to splurge and get a Weber gas grill.  We have not had to buy another grill since.  We may have to replace a part or two, but the grill is still great. No rust, no damage, it is still in excellent shape.  One of the parts we have replaced are called the “flavor bars” I have no idea why they are called flavor bars, but they are pointed metal bars that sit over the flames at the base of the grill.  I tell you this, so I can tell you what is about to come when we had to replace those bars recently.


I took the measurement of the present bars and found they were 22”.  I should say that they are “approximately” 22”. I didn’t actually pull one out and measure it. I had taken out the ones that were in there and threw them away first. Then I measured the area where these bars are placed in the grill.  Well, I didn’t actually measure that exactly, I just kinda guessed as I didn’t want to put my hand all the way down in the base of the grill as it really needed cleaned.


So off we went to Lowes with my “measurement” in hand.  I found the flavor bars, found some that were 21.5” and some that were 24.5”.  I knew ours would be the smaller ones as there was no way I was off that much.  So we bought the 21.5” ones and off we went.


The next day I bought some beautiful steaks for dinner.  We moved the grill out to the side of the house to give it a very thorough cleaning before we put in the new “flavor bars.”  We spent a great deal of time making that grill sparkle like new.  Once it was ready, I went in to get the new bars and place them in the “sparkling like new” grill.  As I am sure you can guess by now…they were too small.  Fine. Hubby ran them back to Lowes and got the 24.5” bars.  He came back all smiles and ready for those steaks.  I opened the package tried to put in the bars….as I am sure you can guess by now…they were too big.  Anyone else feel a little like “Little Red Riding Hood” now?  We both get in the car and go to Home Depot now. 


In Home Depot we go to the Weber parts isle and find a little surprise waiting for us.  The isle is closed with one of those big gates with a sign that says “Pardon the interruption, but this isle is closed while we work.”   NOOOOOOOooooooooooo!!!!


We can see the bars we need right behind the gate!  There they are all 22.5” of them!  We just can’t reach them.  At this moment I begin laughing quite hard; God has such a sense of humor.  Through my laughter I notice my husband looking around. He appears to be looking like he is about to do something he shouldn’t.  He is.  He quickly moves the gate, grabs the Flavor Bars, and bolts toward the register.  MY HERO!!!  We run like bandits, pay for the correct bars and go home.  They were exactly the right size! Now it is time for steaks!  Then BOOOOOMMMM! Thunder starts.  I don’t care. I will stand out in a lightning storm to grill these steaks.  I did. We had a fantastic dinner. I will never measure “approximately” again.



Flavor Bars


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