Summer Time and the Weather is HOT HOT HOT

I have a habit of complaining about the oppressive heat in Florida every Summer.  However, this Summer I really can’t complain.  It is hot everywhere!  It seems that no place is safe from the heat in the Northern hemisphere this season.  People are getting third degree burns on the bottom of their feet just for going out to get the mail!  We are lucky to have a pool to jump in and air conditioning to keep us cool.  I can’t imagine how hard it is for people without the luxury of air conditioning. 
I look forward to our first "cool front" and hope that everyone finds a way to keep cool during the Summer.
funny pictures of cats with captions

One response to “Summer Time and the Weather is HOT HOT HOT

  1. wow – you have a lot going on – I’m home from work reading e-mails & your blog but I have the front door open & am getting quite cold so I think I shall close it – loved the pizza story – they just keep coming & getting better – sort of like the florist who delivered her flowers too late (8PM I think) – my bad

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