It’s not the heat…oh wait, yes it is!!!!

I have a picture of polar bears as my background to try and help me stay cool.  Perhaps it is working, but I don’t want to find out if I feel hotter without the picture so we are going to say that it is working.  I just can’t stand the Summer heat anymore. I’m getting very annoyed with the fact that just standing outside for a minute will produce what we lovingly refer to as "swamp butt" . Everything begins to drip. Clothes must be changed each time we walk the dogs. I jump in the pool almost every night before I go to bed in hopes that it will cool down my body temperature and make me less cranky.
One thing that does help me feel a little better is that everyone in the entire country is facing the same heat.  There seems to be no escape from the above-normal temperatures.  I am happy that we have air-conditioning and a pool to help us get through the Summer months. My husband keeps saying that we can move to Arizona as it has a "dry" heat.  I’m sorry, but 115 is 115 with or without humidity!  At least we don’t burst into flames on the way to get the mail. We just turn into piles of sweat.
Enjoy that visual! 

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