I Don’t Remember Ordering That!

Hubby and I have been working very hard on home improvement projects.  We usually work late into the evening.  By the time we are ready to stop and eat, I am in no mood to cook or clean up after cooking.  This has unfortunately led to a few “fast food” dinner nights.  On one night in particular, I ordered a Dominos pizza.  I like ordering from Dominos because they will take my order over the computer.  I don’t have to worry about anyone messing up my order over the phone.  I just type it right into the website and hit “submit order” piece of cake right?




I ordered our Memphis Chicken BBQ pizza on thin crust and hit “submit”  I watched the little progress bar show that the pizza was being “prepped”, “put in the oven”, then the ever-popular “out for delivery!” popped up.  I called the gate and informed them that Dominos was coming in for a delivery for our home.  Then I waited, and waited, and waited….hmmmm. It usually doesn’t take that long.  After about 20 minutes of “out for delivery” still showing on the computer screen, the phone rang. It was Dominos pizza. 


My husband answered so I only heard part of the conversation.  “Yes, we ordered a pizza. Yes, we are home.  Our address?  (he proceeds to give them our address)…”    That is when I realized what I had done!  I quickly looked at the computer screen. Yep. There it was in blue and white.  My MOTHER’S ADDRESS!  I remembered the last time I ordered on-line I was at mom’s house.  Somewhere in the background I could hear my husband trying to sort it out with Dominos, but I had more important things to take care of. The pizza had just been delivered late at night to my mother!   I should mention at this point that mom is an elderly woman who really doesn’t like strangers at her door at night. 


I quickly grab my cell phone and call my mother.  I tried to explain that I ordered a pizza and it went to the wrong address.  She wanted to know why I didn’t call her to tell her I sent her a pizza!  She was all confused at to why the gentlemen was trying to bring her a pizza and then wanted her to pay for said pizza!  She was quite upset and sent him away!  She also told me he had what appeared to be diet soda with him and you know soda is NOT good for you!  No matter how much I tried to explain what happened, it only got worse.  I finally just told her that I should have called first before sending a pizza as a gift to her house that late in the evening. 


It may be best for me to call Dominos from now on.  That way even if they get the order wrong, it will come to the correct address.  I shouldn’t be allowed to operate computers anymore.


One response to “I Don’t Remember Ordering That!

  1. POOR mom….Funny story

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