Darn Technology!

We used to see the outside world. We used to do things in the evening. I remember taking walks and enjoying time together. However, that was all before the DVR.

Once we got our DVR and started recording TV, we became couch potatoes. Every night we sit and watch mindless TV. We used to only record one or two shows. But since this new TV season started, we are recording tons of shows. Not only are we recording shows on the DVR in the living room, now we are recording them in the bedroom as well.

I think we need to have an intervention. We need to get up off our butts and walk, read, or even….(spoiler alert) talk! Perish the thought!

In the past 5 weeks we have either been cleaning, moving furniture, painting, or watching TV. This weather is beautiful and it is time for us to put a stop to our addiction…right after we watch one more show.



One response to “Darn Technology!

  1. Another EXCELLENT blog entry. You are so darn CUTE!!!!

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