A Moment of Silence Please

It was late, we had been working all day, we were tired, we should have stopped working, but I kept pushing us to keep going. We were almost ready to put the steins back up on to the shelves. We were going to be done finally with the redecorating project. I should have made us stop. I should have listened to Barry.

Just as we started to put up the holiday steins, it happened. I heard the noise, I heard him yell, then I heard the crash. I knew it was bad, but how back was yet to be determined as I was in the other room when it happened. I ran back into the kitchen. I saw him up on the ladder trying to grab on to them. But, alas, two met their fate that night. Two lovely stein soldiers crashed and burned. They are with the recycling angels now.

His reaction was not nearly as bad as mine. He actually held himself together quite well. Perhaps it was because he didn’t want to upset me, or perhaps because within 10 minutes I had purchased replacements from Ebay.

We will miss the good little stein soldiers and wish them a fond farewell. They served him well.


One response to “A Moment of Silence Please

  1. I play TAPS in my head for the two fallen soldiers. Now, you will too.

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