The Bear Necessities

Last evening we went to a Halloween party. My husband went dressed as a woman. You would think I was going to blog about the fact that my husband was dressed as a woman and really having a great time as a woman. However, I am going to write about what happened after the party.

The party was way out in the East part of town known as “The Estates”. Houses are few and far between. We had heard that there were black bear out in that area, however, we had never seen one. That changed last night. As we were driving down the road, I saw something very large moving in the grass to our right. I tried to yell “BEAR”, but all that came out was “bbb bb bbbb BBBB BBB!!!!” Thank goodness my husband speaks shear panic! He saw the bear. I slammed on the brakes so we could watch the bear. It was a very large black bear. I had no idea how big these bears were until we saw this one right in front of us.

I wish we thought enough to get our camera out, but we were both in shock. This was one big bear! Shortly after we stopped to watch, the bear lumbered off into the woods. Very cool!


One response to “The Bear Necessities

  1. Cool post! Cool bear. And, I was a very sexy woman.

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