This Little Piggy

I believe it is time to boycott voting. I don’t see one single candidate that makes me say “Hey! That is the one this country needs!” All I see are criminals and liars. All I hear are ads throwing stones. I’m so tired of listening that we DVR every show we want to watch so we can fast forward over these campaign ads. However, I still stop at the “Did this little piggy go Wee Wee Wee all the way home?” I really love Alex. Sorry, I digressed.

I can’t wait for this campaign season to be over. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if no one showed up at the polls to vote? HA! I would just love that. Perhaps then these morons running for office would get the hint. However, since they are morons, I supposed it would take more than that for them to figure it out.

November 3rd can’t get here fast enough for me.


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