Tony vs. Tonoai

I love Hawaii Five O. I loved to watch it back in the late 60s and I love to watch it now. I enjoy the stories, the scenery (Alex O’Loughlin is scenery isn’t he?), and the acting. Last night as we were watching the latest episode that we had DVRd, there were two shady characters I believe named Levi and Aiden. When these two characters came on the screen, my husband exclaimed “That’s Tony Robbins!” pointing to the one they called Levi.

I think it is best if I just type out our conversation:

Me: That is NOT Tony Robbins!
Him: Yes it is!
Me: Really isn’t
Him: Totally is
Me: This guy is Hawaiian and muscular. Tony Robbins is white and skinny!
Him: He tanned and bulked up for the role!
Me: He bulked up for a 2 minute TV character?
Him: Could happen.
Me: Please hit pause so I can listen to the show that doesn’t have Tony Robbins in it.
Him: Can I rewind to the credits to prove that this is Tony Robbins?
Me: No, because this is NOT Tony Robbins.
Him: I want to rewind.
Me: Please don’t. Just go to after the show and see that this is NOT Tony Robbins!
Him: I’m rewinding.
Me: Fine. (However, inside I was thinking at least I get to see Alex O’Loughlin without his shirt again so it is a win-win for me!).

Hubby rewinds to the beginning of the show and we play through the opening sequence (I drool a little when I see Alex without his shirt in the surf). Here come the credits. Each name that pops up I say “Nope, not Tony Robbins” There are a lot of names. No Tony Robbins though. We get to the “second story editor” when I say “I really don’t think there are anymore stars names appearing honey. You can fast forward now.” He replies with a little sadness in his voice “fine.” As he begins to fast forward, he sees the name “Tony” at the bottom on the screen. However, it was a Tony Paterno (or something similar) the third assistant to the story editor (ok I made that part up) and NOT Tony Robbins.

After the show I IMDB the case and find his “Tony Robbins” was actually Tanoai Reed. They do have the same initials so I can see the confusion. I will post their pictures below so you can see the other similarities. But we can rewind to the opening credits anytime you want honey! I do like me some shirtless Alex!

Tonoai Left Tony Right


6 responses to “Tony vs. Tonoai

  1. Yeah…you’re funny. Smart a$$. First, they could be brothers…with Tony being the much older brother. (However, when Tonoai was jacked up and dirty on the show, I couldn’t tell how old he was.) Second, and, in my defense, they sound an awful lot alike. Third, you’re a wiener.

  2. Tony / Tonoai … tomato / tomahto … they do look Barry similar – I mean, VERY similar!

  3. Becca loves me.

  4. where’s the Stuart love?

  5. Sorry – I suppose you can tell that Stu hijacked my computer, can’t you?

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