Good Neighbors

I can’t imagine not having someone. How it would feel to have no family. What it would be like not to have friends. I saw the life of someone that didn’t have anyone to be with her, or care for her, near the end of her life.

Yesterday I called my mother to remind her about our doctor appointment for that day. My mother was very upset and told me that she could not get in touch with her neighbor. She told me that she tried to call her and she didn’t answer the phone. My mom told me that she hadn’t slept much the night before because she was so worried about this neighbor. It had been three weeks since anyone had seen her. However, my mother had spoken to her on the phone last week asking is she needed anything. The neighbor replied that she was fine and didn’t need anything.

It appeared that the neighbor hadn’t been out to get her mail, go to the store, or anthing in a while. My mom decided that she would call her again this week just to make sure she was ok. Unfortunately, she didn’t answer that call and my mother was extremely worried.

I told my mom I would call the Sheriff’s office and get them to come over and check. I headed out of my office to stay with my mom while they went to see if the neighbor was ok. It was a little while later when we learned that she wasn’t alright. She had died sometime in the past couple of days.

During the investigation, we found she had no relatives, no friends, and no one had been there with her. Her husband had died a couple of years ago, and she never got over losing him. She kept to herself so we didn’t know much about her.

I’m glad my mother was an observent neighbor and though enough to call and check on her. I guess there was someone in her life. My mom. I hope I have a neighbor like her if ever I am in need.


One response to “Good Neighbors

  1. A very sad story. Thank-you for writing it.

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