Dr. Oz

My mother has an addiction. She is addicted to the Dr. Oz show. She sits with a notebook and pen and writes down all the advice he has. She also shares all that information with me. Thanks to mom and Dr. Oz, I know to take Flax Seed to help with hot flashes, I now eat more yogurt to help with digestion, my allergies can be helped with Vitamin C, quercetin, bromelain, and stringing nettles. There are many more, but I will stop there.

My mom also was very concerned after watching an episode of woman and heart attacks. She now keeps aspirin by her bed side and told me if she felt any back or chest pain she would call for help.

On Friday, November 5th, she called for help. She told me she had terrible pain and wanted an ambulance. The ER performed all sorts of tests. It wasn’t a heart attack (thank goodness), but it was a very bad gall bladder attack. her gall bladder was very inflamed and had many stones. It had to be removed. The surgeons removed it the very next day.

It is good to know that my mother pays attention and cares about her health. I’m glad she has her addiction. It helped her watch for signs from her body that weren’t right. Thanks Dr. Oz! I guess it is time for my flax seed and yogurt.


3 responses to “Dr. Oz

  1. I have an awesome banana bread recipe that uses yogurt and flax seed … want it?

  2. One quick question, Becca. The “awesome banana bread recipe that uses yogurt and flax seed”…does it have any bananas in it?? Hey, man, just kidding. We would love to have that recipe. : ) Thank-you, ma’am

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