Make Up Our Mind

Yesterday the nurse told my mom to drink a lot of water. Mom had been taken off of the IV fluids and the nurse told her that she would have to drink 2 of the mugs of water they provide each day to keep hydrated. My mother wants to go home so she will do just about anything to get there. She drank those 2 mugs (they are huge), and probably a little more.

This morning my mother was told by the doctor that her sodium level is too low and she can’t go home until it comes up. A low sodium level can cause disorientation and seizures. Great. How did she get that I asked? He replied “she probably drank too much water. I don’t want her to drink a lot of water.” you are kidding right? Could you share that information with the nurse please? So mom stopped drinking water and told me to get her a salt lick. She would bring her sodium up one way or another so she can go home!

They will take another look at the sodium today and if it has improved, she may still get to go home this evening. If not, perhaps tomorrow.


2 responses to “Make Up Our Mind

  1. See, this is why I take my fluids and salt together … in the form of a margarita!

  2. You are so smart! I’m going to tell her that. What a fantastic idea!

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