Not Even Close

I love our animals. I always thought they were the smartest and cutest around. I was so proud of our 3-legged dog, Sock, when she learned how to go to the fridge, open it, get out a beer, take it to my husband, go back and close the fridge. I thought that was amazing.

Then I got my sister’s email last evening. There it was. Staring at me. The smartest dog I had ever seen. Jesse. Right there on Youtube for the world to see. Jesse the Jack Russell. Jesse can do more around the house than anyone I know. Talk about bringing home the bacon and frying it up in the pan (although he didn’t actually do that). I was amazed. I think you will be too. Check out Jesse with the link I have below.

Sock is still amazing! All of our animals are still our “kids”. However, I have to give credit where it is due. Jesse takes the cake, and the garbage, the newspaper, the dishes,,,,


2 responses to “Not Even Close

  1. Ok, granted, some of this stuff may be usefull. But, it does NOT compare with getting someone those fluids that are needed to sustain life.
    Just one beer-drinker’s opinion.

  2. Jesse has four whole legs … I call that a ringer. Also, Sock has a sweeter smile. So there.

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