Wait….no, I mean Weight!

Mom is home and doing amazingly well. I can’t believe she had an internal organ removed only 5 days ago! She was convinced she had lost weight during the past week. For starters, she was very sick when she went into the hospital and “lost her lunch” numerous times. Once she was admitted to the hospital, they only fed her broth and jello. During the surgery they removed her gall bladder which must have weighed something. For the first day after surgery, she didn’t want to eat.
So, convinced she had lost at least 10lbs she boldly climbed on her scale. I hear her grunt “NOTHING? I WEIGH EXACTLY THE SAME AS I DID LAST WEEK?” She was not amused. You would expect at least the weight of the gall bladder would have come off. I bet if a man had the surgery he would have lost 50lbs just by saying “I am probably going to lose weight after this.” ARGH!

I am just glad mom is doing so well. Thank you to everyone for the cards, calls, and letters. It helps to know so many people are thinking and praying for us.


2 responses to “Wait….no, I mean Weight!

  1. Once again I must apologize for pulling the sheet up over her head while she was in the hospital. Hey, man, I thought it was time. My bad. Love you Grandma.

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