Royal Pain

I appreciate royalty. I sat and watched Princess Diana’s wedding to Prince Charles. I enjoy seeing the jewelry and outfits of the royal family. I was interested that Prince William is engaged to his girl friend. However, I do not believe it should have been covered for the top twenty minutes of the “Today” show. I think the press release was about 50 words. How can you discuss “They are engaged” for twenty minutes? Especially when there is a family missing in Ohio, a jaw bone found in Aruba, and a soldier is getting the Medal of Honor.

I would like to know if you agree with me or perhaps I am just not getting this. Please post your comments.


4 responses to “Royal Pain

  1. Personally, I thought it was outrageous, shameful, and insulting to America, Americans, and loyal viewers in general. I HOPE that when Clinton’s kid got married, no country lead its early news shows for 20 minutes with it. Good grief!! There are REAL stories to cover!

  2. I totally agree – but that’s the way the “news” works these days, unfortunately. I blame cable TV … and the aliens who invented it, of course.

  3. Ok, Becca, when you say “aliens,” are you referring to wooo spooky, outer space aliens, or, are you referring to umm, the “sick bird” kind?

  4. I’m talking about the ones that walk amongst us, cleverly disguised as normal people … so I suppose the former.

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