You Know Your Old When…

Fifty is right around the corner. I can see it staring at me. In just a few months it will be here making me feel just that much older. I used to think 50 was really old. I don’t anymore. It’s funny that the closer you get to an age, the less likely it is for that age to be “old”. Yes, I used to think 50 was old…when I was 20. Now I think that 50 is the new 30. To me, old is now somewhere around 102.

However, I must admit I have been showing my oldness (is that even a word?) for years. I have “personal Summers” while everyone else is bundled up because they are chilly. I forget where I was going when I stand up from the couch. When I get to the door, I can’t remember if I was going out, or coming in. I begin a sentence and can’t finish it due to the fact that I have no idea what I was going to say.

Everyone says that “You are as old as you feel.” I can’t say that because that would make me 80. My mother is in better shape at 89 than I am at 49. I had some great ideas for what I was going to say now, but I can’t remember them. I need to get up and get a drink, or did I already get that drink? If I did, where did I put it?


One response to “You Know Your Old When…

  1. Nice blog entry. Wait a minute. Did you write a new blog entry?? If you did…did I read it. Hmmmmm.

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