Neighbor Whisperer

I was thinking that we really needed the “Dog Whisperer” to help our little brown dog. He has a small problem with some other dogs. Most other dogs he loves. He goes to the dog park and has a blast. However, there are a small number of dogs that just annoy him. However, as I thought about it more, I believe we need a “Neighbor Whisperer” It isn’t the dogs, it is the people that need the help. The more I thought about it, the more neighbors I believe could be helped with the “Neighbor Whisperer”
The first episode would be about the neighbor that opens all his doors and windows and plays his music so loud that other people’s windows and doors vibrate. Next on the list is the neighbor who doesn’t stop his or her dog from barking all day long. Perhaps it would be the neighbor that lets his or her dog out without a leash and lets it run over to your leashed dogs snarling, barking, and snapping all the way. No “Neighbor Whisperer” episode would be complete without a visit to the neighbor that watches every single thing you do (whether you are inside or outside your home). Creepy.
I think we have a hit on our hands. Everyone will have ideas on future episodes.
I think I will head over the episode number one’s house and tell him the good news. He is going to be on TV! However, I don’t think he is going to hear me OVER THE SUPER LOUD MUSIC! I guess we will have to change the name of the show to “Neighbor Yeller” he would not be able to hear a whisperer.


One response to “Neighbor Whisperer

  1. Another excellent entry. And a great idea. Unfortunately, not many people would have the balls to say to their neighbors “You suck…and this guy is gonna fix your problems.”

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