What’s In A Name?

My husband prides himself on remembering people. He loves to greet our neighbors and ask how they are doing. He likes to call them by name. However, he sometimes calls them by the wrong name. There is a lovely couple that live not to far from us. For the purpose of this story, I will call them “John and Jane” One day my husband was talking to another neighbor and was telling him about “John and Jill”. I chimed in and told hubby “I think her name is Jane, not Jill. Hubby assured me I was wrong and that the neighbor’s name was Jill. I let him continue to call her Jill knowing I was right.

Not long after this conversation, my husband heard that John and Jill were looking to rent another home in our neighborhood. He knew of someone that was renting a house so he told the man with the available rental to go and see “John and Jill.” I once again mentioned that her name is “Jane, not Jill.” Hubby assured me I was wrong. The man came back to us a little later and said “Well, I went to talk to Jill. I knocked on her door, she answered and I said “Hi Jill. I’m a neighbor and I heard you are looking for a rental house.” She replied “Barry must have sent you.” Our other friend replied “How did you know that?” She replied, Because my name is Jane.”

Here is where the story gets really funny. I came home today and got the mail. I found a Christmas card left in the mailbox from a neighbor. I knew it was a neighbor because it didn’t have a full address or a stamp. The outside of the envelope only had two names “Barry and Sheila” Most of you reading this know that my name is Sharon, not Sheila. I opened the card to see who it was from. There on the inside of the card was the punchline…Merry Christmas, John and Jane!


3 responses to “What’s In A Name?

  1. Yeah, I also pride myself on knowing exactly who I’m sneaking up on and hugging. Got THAT wrong a few times. But, hey, I made some new friends that way.


  2. I love this story!!

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