Born Free

I just found out some very important information today. As I was driving my friend to a cruise transportation bus, I was asking if she needed help taking care of her cats while she was away. She said that she has a neighbor that will feed and clean litter for her. I asked why her husband (who is not going on the cruise and will be at home the entire time) is not caring for the cats.

This is when I discovered something I never knew. I have no idea how I made it 50 years without this information. She told me that when her husband was asked if he could care for the cats while she is gone, he replied as follows:
“I work 8 hours a day, there is no way I can do that.”
Then he also said
“and I can’t because I am a man.”
I’m not making this up here.
She questioned that remark “You are a man?”
He replied (with a straight face) “Yes, woman are born with the ability to clean and take care of things. Men are not.”
He really truly was not joking.
I had no idea.
Don’t tell my husband. He has no idea about this revelation and he doesn’t need to know.


One response to “Born Free

  1. A-HA!! Now he knows


    Your Husband

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