Round is a Shape

My husband and I went to a local boot-camp-type gym last night to see if we liked it enough to join. The personal trainer spent some time explaining how the program worked, then he took us into the gym to have us try a few exercises. He also wanted to see if we had any problems physically that would not allow us to work out safely.

Each excercise or “test” as I liked to call it, was graded. Each move was scrutinized by the instructor to determine if we were doing everything correctly. It was a simple numbered grading system, we got either a 1, 2 or a 3. If you received a 1, you couldn’t do the move correctly at all. If you got a 2, you did the move with a little assistance, a number 3 meant you did the move correctly without assistance.

After my husband and I did squatted, push-ups, lunges, pull-ups, and many more moves that my body doesn’t want me to remember, we received our grades. My husband had all 2s and 3s. YAY! I think the instructor said had almost all 1s. I was in so much pain, I really couldn’t hear him very well. So I asked my husband if I failed. Yes, he replied, you had all 1s. Yes, I failed. Miserably.

It was time to attempt to get up off the floor and hobble in to the office to discuss our next steps (my next step would be a hot bath and an entire bottle of wine). The instructor was very nice when he discussed how I should proceed. Perhaps I could go see a physical therapist or a massage therapist to help with my mobility. Perhaps I could start with lighter excercise or a personal trainer one-on-one. However, one thing I know he wasn’t saying was “come on in to my group classes and let’s get moving!” He was (as nicely as possible) telling me I was too out of shape to work out in his gym. Sigh.

How is that for a start to 2011? I’m too out of shape to work out. Well, that may be his opinion, but I am hoping this only motivates me more to work out somewhere else and go back and show his little scrawny butt! As soon as I can get up out of his chair…I’ll show him!


2 responses to “Round is a Shape

  1. What does that little 350 lb dead-lifting, rope-climbing pecker head know. So he has buns of steal and washboard abs..what does he know. Pecker head! I love your shape.

  2. Hey – you know your body and its capabilities more than any gym rat. I’d like to see him to a double grapevine and step-hop forward! Besides, it’s probably just the terrible instructors you’ve had in the past – although I’d like to take some credit also for the wine drinking.

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