Coyote Ugly

Recent sightings of a large coyote in our neighborhood have me a bit on edge. I worry about letting the cats onto the lanai. I worry while walking the dogs (day or night).

I haven’t seen the coyote yet, but it has been very close to our home. I was taking down the train display on Sunday, when a neighbor came up and told me that the coyote had just run across the street! It was way too close for my comfort. This coyote has been seen during the day more and more frequently. Everyone I talk to says “Coyotes don’t come out in the daylight, they like night time.” Well, you will have to have a little discussion with this guy. He likes the day light. He likes to Boogie (sorry, a little disco just popped into my head).

I love animals. I don’t want any harm to come to this guy or girl. However, I also do not want to see any harm come to other animals because of this coyote. There have been a few pet fatalities in our area due to the coyotes. I wonder if this guy would consider being a snow bird and moving up to Ohio?


2 responses to “Coyote Ugly

  1. Disco coyote!!

  2. The things that make you say “Hmmm.” Or…the things that make you say “What the f” oh, um, sorry. Twenty-five years ago, these guys were happy staying out in the Estates. I do believe that we have encroached upon their territory. I could be tomorrow’s breakfast…and lunch…and dinner. (Sigh) I gotta lose weight.

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