Bird Brained

I’m a bird watcher. I’m not an Ornithologist by any means. I don’t know the Latin words for species, or how they mate, what they eat, or where they live. I just like watching birds. I think I have my love of birds because my father loved birds. After dad died, I really began to take notice of birds. I put out feeders and baths, I bought suet and painted pine cones with peanut butter to attract more birds. I love to spend a day at the sanctuary just watching my feathered friends.

Recently I purchased a new bird feeder that only allows small birds inside. It has a cage around the exterior that keeps out larger birds. I had hopes of attracting the painted bunting. I love the colors of these birds. My brother apparently has 14 pairs of buntings in his back yard, so I thought “I can do that too.” I put the feeder out a few weeks ago and filled it with a special smaller blend of seed in hopes of finding my buntings eating away in no time.

I was right. Just this morning there were several small birds eating at the feeder. I went as quickly as I could to get my binoculars so I could make out what type of birds where eating. I knew exactly where the binoculars were stored, so it shouldn’t take too long. I went right to the walk-in closet, immediately located the correct shelf and found a ton of my winter clothes on the shelf. DARN! I forgot I piled all these clothes here! Why did I do that? I began tossing clothes to the floor (sorry honey), and after a few minutes I found my binoculars.

I went as quickly as I could back to the lanai to watch the birds. However, when I put the binoculars to my eyes, all I saw was fog. It was humid outside and the lenses fogged up. I tried cleaning the lenses, but as quickly as I wiped off the fog, it came right back. After a few minutes the lenses finally cleared up, and I tried to view the birds. Believe it or not, the birds were still there eating (and probably laughing at me). I tried to focus and see the birds better, but it just wasn’t working. After a few more minutes, I finally was able to focus on the bird feeder. At that very moment, the birds flew away. I believe this explains why I am not an Ornithologist, heck I apparently am not even a bird watcher! I’m a bird feeder watcher.


2 responses to “Bird Brained

  1. This sounds like a really good Looney Tunes episode – can you say “Wascally Buntings”?

  2. Vewy nice stowy. Why would those cwazy buntings fly away like that? Cwazy. Just cwazy.

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