Home Is Where The Repairs Are

Rule 1: If you think you are finally going to get ahead financially, something in your house (or should I say many thing in your house) will break at the same time. It should also be noted that when these things break, they won’t be easy or inexpensive repair items. My husband is in the garage as I type trying to repair the garage door. Initially, the garage door motor broke on Christmas Eve. However, since we had the train village on display in the garage, we had to postpone fixing that until this week. We had plans to replace the motor this coming weekend. However, this evening while my husband was replacing our broken mail box stand and mail box, he tried to close the garage door manually. It wouldn’t close. There is some wire that wrapped around some wheel on the door and now it won’t budge. Up or down.. It is just plain stuck!

We also needed to replace the outside lights as they all seemed to break at the same time. We have 2 replaced and one more to go. Around $500 later, we are still making repairs on items throughout the house. I’m sure we will be making our 100 trip to Home Depot this week tomorrow. The store clerks are calling us by name now. That is not a good sign.


2 responses to “Home Is Where The Repairs Are

  1. I remember that feeling – that’s why Nancy H. started calling Stu “Mr. Lowe’s” (We’d go to Lowe’s because Mr. H works there). Hang tough, my friend.

  2. I love The Home Depot. It’s my toy store. But…. Sharon’s car is FINALLY paid off. Now she needs tires. My car needs a timing belt. I need a root canal. And the house…. Holy crap!! Will it ever end!!!! OY!!!!!!!!!!

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