Good Sound Barriers Make Good Neighbors

A few years ago, we had a neighbor who lived behind us that liked to watch everything we did. Lets call him “Bob”. Bob knew when he got a new gas grill and how long it took us to put it together. He knew when we had company. He knew when our friends visited and brought their dog. He sometimes would just walk up to our lanai and watch us as we swam. Bob scared me.

It has been a while since we had seen or heard from Bob. We assumed he had moved. Approximately 6 months ago, we KNEW he had moved. The loudest person in Naples purchased Bob’s house and now we sort of miss Bob. This gentlemen owns a dog that doesn’t stop barking and a bird he keeps on his lanai (which is directly behind our house) that never stops squawking. Sometimes the squawking bird even upsets the loudest man in Naples because he will scream at the top of his lungs “SHUT UP BIRD!” Lovely.

Last evening my husband decided to meet our new neighbor. He walked out back and through our hedges to his house and introduced himself. He spent some time discussing pleasantries. Then the “loudest man in Naples” asked my husband if he would like to help him pay for cutting down a tree that is between our homes. My husband replied “Tell you what, you stop blaring your music and talk a little quieter and we will help with the cost.” The “loudest man in Naples” told him that he just recently moved from New Jersey and he hasn’t learned to talk quieter just yet. My husband urged him that now is the time to work on that. The neighbor also introduced my husband to his bird. My husband said “yes, we know about the bird…we can hear him too.”

You may be wondering if I also went with my husband to this meeting. I am recounting the conversation as though I was standing there with them. No, I was in our living room. I could still hear everything that the “loudest man in Naples” was saying. I’m pretty sure everyone reading this also heard the conversation, so I didn’t have to type this did I?

I hear the weather this weekend is going to be nice. I wish we could open our doors and windows, but I really don’t want to list to “SHUT UP BIRD” all weekend.

I wonder what he thinks about us?


2 responses to “Good Sound Barriers Make Good Neighbors

  1. Neighbor: This is my bird….
    Me: We know your bird. We keep hearing you tell him to shut-up.
    Neighbor (Half smiling): Yeah, he’s a loud bird.
    Me (Sarcastically): I wonder where he gets THAT from.

  2. How about a recipe for a “chicken” pot pie?

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