What Did He Say?

The Celebration of Reading was wonderful! Everyone who attended received a large bag of books! We listened to some authors discuss his or her book and then we got to meet the authors and get our books signed. It was so much fun. I had Art Smith’s cookbook signed! However, I can’t read what he wrote.

I thought my loyal readers would be able to interpret his note to me, so I have posted a picture of the inside book jacket below. Please comment below on what it says. Thank you for your help!

By the way, his peanut butter banana cupcakes are fantastic! I also made the chili, but we haven’t had it yet…I’ll let you know how it tastes soon.

Not sure what the last sentence says


4 responses to “What Did He Say?

  1. To Sharon,
    Dear Sharon I wish you many delicious ?? meals. Just remember that it always tastes better when you make it.

    Can’t make out the word where I put the question mark.

  2. I agree with BethAnn and I think the missing word might be “fun”. Does our interpretation assistance earn us peanut butter banana cupcakes? Please?

  3. I’m guessing English is NOT this guy’s first langusge. Good luck with this.

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