Grease Monkey

Our dogs have discovered the grease drippings from under the grill. Buster came in with a black forehead last night. No wonder he keeps asking to go out on the lanai. I thought it was to taunt the squirrels. Silly me. He is eating grease. That can’t be good.

We should have taken a picture. He looked like a racoon. He didn’t like that, as soon as we mentioned it, he said “get it off! Get it off!” and jumped up on the couch so we could wipe off the grease from his head.


3 responses to “Grease Monkey

  1. Buster’s such a pretty boy. I wish we would have taken a picture. Good stuff.

  2. By the way…I LOVE the the title of this blog: Grease Monkey.

  3. And yet, if you’d told him it looked like “guyliner” and he was totally rocking the David Bowie look, he’d have loved it. And asked for a sequined scarf.

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