The Cowiest

Jensen Beach was so much fun. We took the dogs to the beach, the park, and the river A.K.A. the Inter-coastal Waterway. We got to spend time with friends and relax. We had a great time.
However, there was a moment when circumstances threatened the good time. We went to downtown Stuart and found there was an art show was just closing for the day. We spent time wondering through the vendors as they packed up their wonderful creations. I wished I had about 2,500 to purchase a few things, but alas, I just resigned myself to browsing.

As we were getting ready to leave the show and head to dinner, we found a wonderful display of very large steel sculptures. They were painted in bright colors and some stood over 8’ tall! There were pigs, giraffes, zebra, and at the very end of the line of sculptures was a cow. It was a very large black and purple cow. I really didn’t pay much attention to the cow because we were just about to the car. I heard some woman yelling something, but I knew she couldn’t be talking to our group because we didn’t know anyone else around. However, my friend pointed out that this woman was indeed talking to us. She was yelling to us that “YOU MATCH!” I said “What?” My friend replied with “she says you match the cow.” Oh. Delightful. I match a cow. I’m sure she meant that my dress was also black and purple, but in my mind I heard “YOU ARE AS BIG AS THAT COW!” The woman didn’t stop there, she felt we needed to take a picture of me with said cow. My friend did just that, so I will post it below.

The notion that I matched a 7’ tall black and purple cow didn’t deter me from a good time. I continued to enjoy our weekend and even the large cow.

Now I shall burn this picture and my black and purple dress.

Cow Statue at Stuart Art Show


4 responses to “The Cowiest

  1. I see a cow with your head coming out of her back. I can’t tell where the cow stops, and you start. Maybe SHE’S your real mother.

  2. Don’t burn the dress – it’s a lovely dress. Burn the cow instead … in the form of a hamburger, of course! (Maybe tint the mayo purple?)

  3. Mooooooooooooooooooooooooooommmy!


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