Birthday’s are the Best!

This is the month that I will turn 50. I am pretty sure it was just last year that I turned 40. Time goes so much faster as I get older. We just celebrated Christmas and here is is March already! Soon my family will be here to party like rock stars for my birthday! I can’t wait. I’m sure it will be here in seconds since the years go by so fast, days must fly like seconds on the clock.

This year I intend to celebrate “acting like a kid again” for my birthday. I hope to play “pin the tale on the donkey” or “musical chairs” maybe I will even try my waist at a hula hoop! That would be a sight to see wouldn’t it?

Take time to act like a kid this month. Fly a kite, ride a bike, play a game, and marvel at life! It goes by too fast.

Happy Birthday!


2 responses to “Birthday’s are the Best!

  1. I love the way you write. It’s like freakin Max Lucado or something. And, yes, we will be kids…but, we’ll be kids with ALCOHOL.
    Shhhhhh. Don’t tell our parents.

  2. Act like a kid “again”? When did you stop???
    PS – Make the hula hoopness happen!

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