Playing the Man Card

My husband has a problem with pedicures. He feels a pedicure is not manly and only women should get them. He often makes fun of men who get pedicures. He was doing just that as he went to a nail salon to buy me a gift certificate for my birthday.

Our Brother-in-law was with him at the time and hubby was saying that pedicures are for women. Our Brother-in-law said that pedicures are wonderful and feel great! Hubby replied that our Brother-in-law needs to check his “man card” at the door just as they walked into the nail salon. the owner of the salon looked up as they walked in and shouted “HEY Barry! Good to see you again! Are you here for another pedicure?”

You just can’t make this stuff up! Honey, just leave your “man card” at home. You don’t really need it anymore.


2 responses to “Playing the Man Card

  1. So THAT’S why he always wears socks and shoes! C’mon, Barry – ‘fess up: what color are the toesies painted?

  2. At that time, my toesies were painted green. (It was St. Patties Day, after all.) However, my toesies change colors with the seasons…kind of like a woman and her purse.

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