Ride of your Life!

My husband and I have a long-standing disagreement about something. He believes he is a good driver, I believe his driving is less-than-desirable. If he drives friends to dinner, or out and about, I always take a short poll after the ride. I ask the riders if they think my husband is a good driver.

To date, 95% respond (albeit a little shakily) “I thought I was going to die,” or “that was a little scary.” However, my husband still believes everyone else has the problem and that his driving is “just fine.”
Our brother-in-law, who has been deployed to the Middle-East twice and is about to go again, recently rode with my husband.

After one of these rides, my husband told me “Ron has no problem with my driving!” He then turned to Ron and asked him to affirm that statement. Ron replied “Yes, I don’t mind his driving. It is like Level 99 in Frogger!”

I need to say no more.


One response to “Ride of your Life!

  1. Ok, so I like to get where I’m going kind of quickly. And, ok, so I add a little excitement in people’s lives. So what! What’s the big, hairy deal. I haven’t killed anyone yet……yet. And, who doesn’t like a good game of Frogger?

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