Life is Grand!

I am now officially old. Turning 50 apparently is the magic cutoff between middle-aged and down-right “OLD”. First, there was the AARP application in the mail. Then there was the injury at my 50th birthday party (coming in another blog entry), then last night a cute young cashier at Lowe’s sealed the deal. How you ask? First let me start with a little background: When we were first married, people would sometimes ask us if we planned on having children. That question turned into “do you have any children?” There was even the occasional “how old are your children?” We would always reply with “we have 2 cats and 2 dogs.”
Last night, as we checked out at Lowes, the very young cashier (seriously, we have dishes older than her) looked me straight in the eye and asked “Do you have any GRANDCHILDREN???????” Grandchildren? Really? Do I look that old already? Poof! In a few short weeks I went from young, to middle-aged, to old enough to have grandchildren! I guess I have to talk to our cats and dogs and get them on the ball. We need grandpets. I need a rocking chair and some Geritol.


3 responses to “Life is Grand!

  1. Yeah, it sucks getting old. The lovely wife and I are wearing matching boots. We have booboos on our feeties. YIKES!!!!! What’s next?

  2. I’m 40 next year. Being attempting to come to terms with that, hadn’t thought about being 50.
    Will no doubt fly by!

  3. Ah, to bo 40 again. The things I would do differently: LIKE NOT GET SO FAT!!!!! KEEP WORKING OUT PEOPLE!!!!

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