Give Me A Break!!!!

I have been wearing a boot on my foot for about 10 days now. They initially thought I had a sprained ankle (which I will blog about next week). Now, it appears it is broken. I will have to be in a cast for 6 weeks or more. Physical therapy will surely follow!

My husband is going to have to do all the dog walking, dishes, laundry, vacuuming, and anything else that requires me to be on my feet. I’m sure he will love that idea. I haven’t told him yet, I am hoping he will read this before he leaves work today. Then I don’t have to break the news to him in person.

I still had a lot of pain in my ankle, so I went to the doctor today at lunch. That is when they found the break. It isn’t big, just a little fracture, but still will require me to wear the cast for 6 weeks. Actually, the boot I have on now will suffice. But 6 WEEKS??? I’m not happy.

Now for the really good part about this whole story….



One response to “Give Me A Break!!!!

  1. Tonight is going to be beautiful. I’ll have music on low, candles burning…then I’m going to KICK YOUR ASS!!!!!

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