Turning 50 can be hazardous to your health.

Even though I had the most amazing party, I still should have known better. You see, the theme at my party was “Be a kid again.” We had clackers, pin the pipe on the Leprechaun, carnival games, a piñata, and my nemesis…”Skip it.” I used to play “skip it” for hours when I was a kid. I loved “Skip it.” I couldn’t get enough of that thing. I found one at JoAnne Fabrics right before my party so I bought it. I knew it would be a big hit. I was right! People loved “skip it.” I used it a few times during the evening’s festivities. One of those times, I remember feeling like I had twisted my ankle, but kids don’t need to worry about those things, so I brushed it off.

I can’t remember when I had such a good time at a party. It was fantastic! I really felt like a kid again. That is until Sunday morning. I tried to get out of bed, but my right ankle wouldn’t let me. It said “NO WAY!” Ignorning the pain and the swelling, I cleaned up from the party and helped my sister’s get ready to head back home.

By Sunday night, I really couldn’t walk anymore. It was time to stop “being a kid again” and being 50. After a trip to the doctor, a immobilization boot for 3 weeks, I think I have the theme for next year’s party….”Act Your Age.” We already have some ideas for appetizers – Geritol and Aspirin. Games can include Cane jousting and wheelchair races. Any takers?


One response to “Turning 50 can be hazardous to your health.

  1. I can do that. I want you on my team. The team of Barry and Sharon takes on the team of Marcia and Louis. Oh yeah. I think we can take them…if they fight fair.

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