Home Improvement

Recently, when I sprained my ankle, I had to stay off of my feet for a few days. I stayed home from work and watched TV a lot. For the most part, I tend to watch cooking or home improvement shows. I am going to have to change my TV watching preferences.

Watching home improvement show has resulted in way more work for me than I would prefer. As I was watching “Color Splash” one afternoon, my husband came home from work. He sat down to watch it with me. In this episode, they were re-doing a back patio. They painted the back of the house, added outdoor curtains, and generally made the area look really nice. After the show, my husband asked me to accompany him outside to our back patio. I should have known at this moment, that something really bad was about to happen. I should have told him that my ankle hurt way too much to get up from the chair. However, I didn’t do that. I got up and followed him outside. Big mistake.

He asked me what I thought about painting the back of our house, just like the house on the show. He said we could put curtains outside as well. Perhaps we could paint the patio floor as well. Then we could get new outdoor rugs, and he just kept talking. I got caught up in the moment and said “sounds great!” I meant it at the time. Our lanai hasn’t been painted in a very long time. However, Summer is coming in South Florida and that means working outside in hot, hot, hot weather.

The next day we went out to the home improvement store and got the paints. We started working that very weekend. It was so hot outside, we had to take 15 minute shifts to paint the back wall. I would paint until sweat dripped in my eyes, then he would paint until the same happened to him. After finishing the walls, it was time to paint the floor with concrete stain. That took longer than anticipated. So here we are about 3 weeks later and it is finally done. I have to say it looks wonderful. We still need to buy the outdoor curtains (they are really expensive), but that is about it.

I think my husband is the cause of our last 3 home improvement projects. He wanted to change the inside color and design, he wanted to re-do the bathroom, and he wanted to change the patio. I think I have to stop watching these home improvement shows for good. I think I will just stick with cooking shows. I would love for him to cook up some fantastic steaks right about now on our brand-new spiffy patio!


2 responses to “Home Improvement

  1. Sweet! I like cooking shows. As long as they’re manly and I can cook with beer. No “pinch of basil” or “dash of jerk.” Big meat, can-o-beer, and lots of bar-b-que sauce.
    Mmmmmm…big meat.

  2. Pictures, please!!! Sounds very pretty!
    PS: Barry, thought of you when I reead this: http://www.aolnews.com/2011/04/01/iowas-j-wilson-halfway-through-beer-only-lent-fast/

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