Pride Goeth Before a Fall

New lesson learned….never turn your back on your dogs. I was walking our 2 dogs the other day, when I had to stop to pick something up off the ground (I will not go into details, but if you have dogs, you know what I was doing).

I wasn’t paying attention to the dogs; I was focused on my task. This was a mistake as I later learned. Something caught their attention and off they ran! Our brown dog runs really fast too. I was still holding on to the leash, and it only too seconds for my arm to be wrenched backwards. My body followed suit. I was soon “flying” through the air backwards. My mind didn’t have much time to register what was happening. All it could think was “This is going to turn out badly.”

Milliseconds later, I was landing flat on my back/backside on the sidewalk. As I landed, I noticed a golf cart flying (driving by a teenager) by my on the road. Apparently, my brown dog does not like golf carts. Who knew? Perhaps he was a caddy in a previous life.

The first thing I did after standing up (which took a lot longer than the trip down to the ground), was to see if anyone saw. Whew! No one was around. I can only imagine what it must have looked like. I keep picturing a cartoon body flying behind a dog on a leash. I wasn’t hurt (amazingly) so I walked home carrying my pride in my back pocket (which was ripped open from the fall so my pride was lying on the street).

Buster the Golf Cart Chasing Dog


2 responses to “Pride Goeth Before a Fall

  1. Barry Ardrey

    Nice picture. It makes it easier to “see” what happened to you. So glad you weren’t hurt. Oh…um…DAMN that’s one fat dog.

  2. Yep – our maintenance crew rides around in golf carts and Bou always lunges after them. Personally, I think dogs go after them because they want to RIDE in the carts – no windows, no doors, always a breeze …

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