A Month Of Work Outs

I have been working hard at a new eating plan. My husband and I have each lost about 25lbs. I think it is time for me to “step up” my workouts. A very good friend had given me “The 30 Day Shred” by Jillian Michaels. I have used the DVD numerous times in the past, but have not managed to do it for 30 straight days. Here is my challenge to myself: I intend to do the “30 Day Shred” for the month of June. Wish me luck.

I will keep you posted on how I am doing with the DVD. I have already laid out my mat and weights in the spare room and made sure the DVD player is connected and ready to go. I wish I could say I was looking forward to it, but that would be a lie. Jillian hurts me, but it is a good hurt.

I hope to write a little note tomorrow after the work out to let you know how it went. That is if I can lift my arms to type.


3 responses to “A Month Of Work Outs

  1. Becca Russell

    Way to go! Please be careful with Jillian: she’s such a bully.

  2. Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you for not asking me to do this with you. However, If you really want me to…I will try. 🙂

  3. Oh, and Good luck. You can do it.

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