Two days down, only 28 more to go. I did level I of the 30 Day Shred last night and again this morning. I felt like hurling, but I completed it both times with very little modifications. I can’t seem to do jumping jacks as it causes pain in my knees so I modify that portion and my push-ups aren’t the best, but I am working on those.

I will keep you posted on the rest of my 30 Day Shred. Thank you for your support.


3 responses to “Shredder

  1. Hey, it’s only 30 days. If you can put up with me for 30 years, this should be a cake-walk. Ummmmmm caaaaaaake.

  2. I agree. If you put up with Barry for 30 years the shred should be easy. I think you should make Barry do with you for moral support.

  3. Don’t worry, BethAnn. I’ll be in the room with her chanting Sha-ron, Sha-ron, Sha-ron…. In between bites of cake, of course.

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