Snake Bite

I recently met a wonderful, fantastic, fun friend in West Palm Beach to attend a bead show, shop, have lunch, and spend time together. We met at a plaza that neither of us had been to before. We walked around and shopped at Pier One, ate at TGIF, then went out to explore the plaza for more stores.

I knew that I had seen a Michael’s Craft store on my way into the plaza. I told my friend that I needed to stop in to Michael’s Crafts to get some yarn for my mom. We began walking up the sidewalk in the general direction I thought we needed to travel to find the craft store. After several “miles” (ok a block but whose counting), my friend spotted a map of the plaza. We stopped to see where we needed to go to find the store. The “You are here” arrow appears to point directly to location A41. Interestingly, A41 on the map also said it was “Michael’s Crafts”.

As we both turned our heads upward, we saw the HUGE sign stating that we were indeed in front of Michael’s. oh. Found it! Good thing that map was there.

If it was a snake….well you can figure the rest.


One response to “Snake Bite

  1. My, what escapades you and your friends have! I myself cannot imagine such events occurring … I am much too serious and level headed … and tall …

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