Doing The Math

I hate to admit it, but Level 3 of The Shred has proved too much for me. Each time I tried the workout, my knee felt horrible. However, I wanted to keep pushing myself to a harder workout. I wasn’t sure that Level 2 was accomplishing that task. I decided on a new plan. I have spent the last few days performing Level 1 followed immediately with Level 2. That really kicks me in the behind without hurting my knee.

I also feel (if I have done my math correctly) that since 1 + 2 = 3…I am actually doing Level 3? Right? Thank you for agreeing.


One response to “Doing The Math

  1. Ok, 1+2=3, and, since you’ve been doing it for three days, that’s like a level 6, I think. You go, girl. Lovin’ the waste.

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