Goodbye Harry!

On my 50th Birthday I was given all 7 of the Harry Potter books.  I have never been a Harry Potter fan and had no intention of ever reading the books.  However, since a good friend gave them to me as a gift, I decided to give them a try.

I read all 7 books in 4 weeks!  I was hooked.  After reading a book, I would watch the movie.  I finished the 7th book and had to wait until July 15th for the last movie!  I could hardly  stand it.

I couldn’t believe I how much I loved and yet disliked Harry’s story.  I hated how much pain and suffering he had to deal with, I loved how he handled that pain and suffering.

With family in tow, we headed out for the midnight showing of “The Deathly Hallows, Part 2.”  I had never been to a midnight premiere of a movie in my life.  It was an amazing experience.  To see the fans dressed up as characters in the books was so much fun.  During the movie, it was great to hear loud cheers and shouts as the story reached its crescendo!  I loved every minute of it.

However, now I am slightly sad.  For me it is only an end to something I started 3 months ago, but for millions of fans they have spent much of their lives reading and watching Harry Potter.  I know Harry isn’t for everyone, but it was my guilty pleasure and I will miss the anticipation of what is to come.

Thank you for such a great birthday gift! I’m glad I gave Harry a read!  I’ll never forget this journey.


One response to “Goodbye Harry!

  1. It’s not totally over. Go to Universal Students (Islands of Adventure). They have a Harry Potter land.

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