Cooking Up Something New!

I went to a French cooking class last evening and it was fantastic!  We learned how to make a French tomato soup that was some of the best I have ever tried.  We moved on to the main course which consisted of an Americanized Nicoice Salad with grilled Ahi Tuna. I am not normally a sea food person, but I wanted to give it a try.  I loved it!  We finished the course with a Grand Marnier berry concoction on top of toasted pound cake with a cream topping! Holy cow.

You would think that learning all of the items above and getting to eat those items would be the best thing ever…but it got better.  The entire time the chef is teaching us how to prep and prepare these dishes, another member of the staff is coming around filling and refilling our wine glasses.  How great is that?  Perhaps he filled mine too much tough…I can’t find my paper of all the recipes now so I’m not sure I can re-create any of these dishes now.  I guess I will just have to go and re-take the class.  Oh well. I’ll suffer through.



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