Beer, Baseball, and Boom!

Last week, my husband and I attended an event called “Beer, Baseball, and  Boom!”  There would be a beer  tasting, a baseball game, and fireworks.  It  osunded like a great evening.

We started our day with some shopping, then my husband gave blood.  After a quick trip home to change for the game, we were off to have some fun!
When we arrived at the baseball field, the temperature felt like 115 degrees outside.  We figured we would have some cold drinks (beer mostly) and get to the game.  However, the beer wasn’t particularly good.  My husband hardly sampled any beer (if you know him, you know that is very unusual).

We got to our seats which were luckily in the shade and sat down to enjoy the game.  The game was very slow moving, and we were still hot…very hot.  Around the 8th inning the PR team for the baseball team came out to throw t-shirts into the crowd.  My husband and I stood up to yell “over here! Over here!” because who wouldn’t want a $5 t-shirt from an unknown baseball team?

As I was yelling to the t-shirt throwers, I felt more than heard a commotion behind me.  I turned around and where my husband was standing was an open space!  Then a crowd started to gather around a man lying on the cement stairs next to where my husband had been standing just moments before.  As I looked closely at the man on the ground, I realized it was my husband!  I thought he had lost his balance while reaching for a tossed shirt, but as he didn’t seem to know where he was or who was helping him up (a good friend), I realized he had passed out!

He had a cut lip and some bruises, but amazingly, he was doing really well.  We don’t know if it was the heat, lack of food, not enough beer, or the blood donation, but it sure changed the meaning of the event. Beer, Baseball and BOOM! Down he went. And we didn’t even get a t-shirt.


4 responses to “Beer, Baseball, and Boom!

  1. Beer, Baseball, an WHERE THE HELL’S MY HUSBAND??????

  2. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: y’all are my favorite TV show!

  3. Hope he’s ok. It was probably a combination of both. My mother ended up in the hospital after donating blood. She passed out in church a about 4 or 5 hours after donating. Evidently, you are supposed to rest (sitting or lying down) for several hours after donating blood, as well as eat and drink a lot of liquid (water not beer).

  4. Water…..Noit Beer???? D-oh!

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